What Is The Meaning Of Getting Stabbed In A Dream?

Vivid, violent visions of yourself or someone you know getting stabbed in a dream are unbearable to most of us. This has something to do with the chaos and the probing wonder and shock that follows in waking life. So what exactly does getting stabbed in a dream mean?

The general dream of getting stabbed denotes betrayal in waking life. Such a dream describes the distressing feelings of being hurt and feelings of inadequacy. In a dream scenario where the dreamer is the perpetrator, the dream symbolizes the dreamer’s strong sense of defensiveness and redirecting their aggression to someone else.

Understanding the meaning and acknowledging that certain actual life circumstances will find their way into the dream becomes critical. We then appreciate that when it comes to reading the dream of getting stabbed, waking life situations and mental space must be considered. In the following sections, allow me to sift through different but potential scenarios in the dream for your enlightenment.

The meaning of getting stabbed in a dream

The meaning of getting stabbed in a dream

There is a great chance you put all your trust in someone around you.

Someone you hold dear, or at the very least, you feel you can always rely on them.

This person later acted contrary to your expectations or made a remark you deemed unfair and one that caused emotional pain.

Being stabbed in this dream is a metaphor for the hurt and the realization that someone close to you betrayed you.

In another setting, the meaning of getting stabbed in a dream symbolizes the dreamer’s heightened sense of insecurity.

It could be your love life, where you have fears that your partner may or will fail or disappoint you at some point, e.g., by cheating on you.

It can also be insecurity in your professional life where you feel your colleagues might be weighing you down or plotting against you.

The emotions triggered by such conditions can easily manifest in getting stabbed in a dream.

Getting stabbed in a dream can also mean you have little faith and trust in those around you to a point you are convinced they may be out to get you.

This means you feel alone even when you are surrounded by those you hold dear.

Feelings of frustration, emotional vulnerability, and lack of emotional support can manifest in getting stabbed in the dream.

Sometimes, increased anxiety, especially when someone in your life is the trigger, can also be communicated through the dream.

Dream of being stabbed in the stomach with a knife

A dream of getting stabbed in the stomach with a knife symbolizes a state of ambivalence in your life.

You could be going through something that has left you feeling all sorts of ways.

There is also a chance you have taken up a new responsibility in your life that demands too much from you.

For instance, a new job that requires creativity on your part or simply undergoing a healing process in your waking life.

Your stomach in this dream represents your sympathy, sensitivity, and general reception to the people around you.

The action of being stabbed in the stomach represents a situation in your waking life where the people in your life have done you wrong to a point of hurting.

On a somewhat positive note, the dream can also symbolize a journey towards high awareness or access to spiritual awareness.

It represents your growth in certain aspects of your life, such as wealth or simply a situation of pure happiness.

The dream also implies hesitation in controlling some issues in your life.

A deep reflection of your waking life circumstances will tell you more about what needs to be addressed.

Also, try to maintain a balance between work and life to attain optimum success in your undertakings.

Dream of being stabbed in the stomach while pregnant

The sheer horror in this dream is enough to send you scouring through the internet for a dream interpretation.

Fortunately, there is very little chance of this transcending into your waking life.

The dream of being stabbed in the stomach suggests a situation of co-dependence or a toxic relationship that is beyond your control.

You are cautioned to pay more attention in your life and learn to be firm in your decisions.

There is also a significant risk that you have been bottling up issues in your waking life.

Whether it’s inconsideration or utter ignorance, you are urged to look deeper at your waking life issues.

Generally, pregnancy in a dream is a metaphor for potential and a great promise in the future.

An attack on that pregnancy, for instance, by getting stabbed in the dream, represents an aspect or element in your waking life that drains your energy and vitality.

Getting stabbed in a dream and feeling it

The big question is why and how does pain experienced in a world of dreams transcend into waking life?

Here is the thing though, getting stabbed in the dream and feeling it in the waking life has little to no deep meaning.

I bet you have an even bigger question of why you feel the pain if the dream is not the cause. Don’t worry; I have you covered.

Technically, the pain experienced in the stabbing dream cannot pierce into waking life.

However, visions and hallucinations experienced in the dream can be mimicked into waking life, especially in the first few seconds as the brain transitions into an awakened state.

This means that your dream utilizes the same senses the waking life uses; hence the same pain can be felt immediately after storming out of your dream.

Dream of being stabbed but not dying

Dream of being stabbed but not dying

The dream of being stabbed but not dying represents circumstances in the dreamers’ waking life where they invest their thoughts, time, and energy in worthless and futile pursuits.

This can be tough indulging in activities or situations in waking life that threatens destruction to your wellbeing.

In another setting, the dream could suggest feelings of insignificance or shame in some aspects of your waking life.

Feeling unappreciated in your actual life can promote the development of scenes surrounding being stabbed but not dying.

This could be situations like in consideration of your decisions or opinions in your workplace or relationship.

Sometimes, the dream cautions the dreamer to let go of their old ways and habits and take up new approaches to life that guarantee their success and happiness.

There is also an increased chance of suppressing some of your emotions as they arise in your waking life.

Dream of being stabbed in the chest

The dream of being stabbed in the chest suggests potential difficult situations that will occur to the dreamer.

For instance, if the dreamer happens to be a business owner, you might want to check on your decision-making.

Maybe even hold back on taking unnecessary risks.

If you fall under the employee’s group as the dreamer, you may be ousted by your colleagues.

You might want to lay low and avoid being impulsive.

To a great degree, the dream of being stabbed in the chest also suggests improvement in a situation.

If you are sick, there is a high chance you are getting out of the woods. Your case has improved or will improve.

The dream of being stabbed in the chest can also represent danger or a difficult situation on the dreamer’s horizon.

You might want to take a step back, take a look at your waking life.

Identify which aspects of your life are susceptible to troubles and find a way to avoid or mitigate the effects.

If you are already experiencing hardship in your waking life, the dream could be a signal for even greater lousy luck for you.

Stabbed in the back meaning

This is by far the most common depiction of betrayal in one’s life.

The dream of being stabbed in the back signals unexpected changes in the dreamers waking life.

You are cautioned to stay alert and be ready for any changes likely to come to your life.

You might also be going through situations in your actual life that trigger serious concerns in certain aspects of your life hence the dream of being stabbed from the back.

Such worries are most likely disrupting the peace in your life.

It could be you are expecting test results from your doctor, and the anxiety build-up is out of control.

Do you feel anger, distrust, or betrayed by someone close to you?

If yes, there is a likelihood that these feelings are the root and primary cause of this dream in your life.

Generally, dreams about being stabbed have a solid correlation with actual feelings of betrayal in real life.

Are you aware of rivals or jealous people in your life who have been plotting against you?

If so, then there is a high chance that such people have put their plans in motion that could very well have a negative impact on your life.

Dream of being stabbed in the neck

Generally, dreams about the neck should never be overlooked.

There is an element of vulnerability carried in such dreams that must be given attention.

The dream of being stabbed in the neck represents a potential betrayal that has already taken place.

In most instances, the betrayal act will come from someone extremely close to you.

Someone you may consider to be family or is family.

Therefore, the dream of being stabbed in the neck represents the pain and agony of going through disloyalty and treachery from the closest bonds in your waking life.

Dreaming of stabbing someone with a knife

In this dream scenario, the dreamer is no longer a victim but the perpetrator. What then does this dream mean?

Put simply; the dream represents your feelings towards someone.

It could be aggression or plain old anxiousness whenever you are around a particular person.

You are also not doing anything in the waking life to actively remedy your situation with them.

Dreaming of stabbing someone also suggests the dreamer’s feelings of susceptibility towards someone’s ill plans.

You are advised to identify such situations or people and find a positive way to work things out or distance yourself.

For people searching for independence and freedom, the dream of stabbing someone with a knife can represent your desire for liberty.

Such people may be entertaining feelings of fatigue from their obligations.

It is wise to subscribe yourself some time for rest and self-care.

Dream of stabbing someone in the chest

The dream of stabbing someone in the chest signals the dreamer’s need to be heard, taken seriously, and given attention.

The dreamer, in most cases, has a message they wish to pass, but the noise in their life is making it a tad hard for them.

The dream also has positive signs where it portrays the dreamer’s caring and loving nature, especially towards those they consider dear.

There is also a significant probability that you recently decided to find and let love into your life.

This means that your love life has just kicked off, and you are excited about it.

Are there parts of yourself that you have been suppressing?

If yes, chances are, your subconscious is trying to activate them or simply trying to convince you to acknowledge the existence of the hidden part.

The dream also reflects on our uncontrolled situations in waking life.

For instance, someone experiencing a burst of emotions in their actual life will have such feelings manifesting in such a dream.

The chest in this dream represents how we carry ourselves when certain people are present.

For example, when we pretend in their presence, thereby not existing as our authentic selves.

Dream of stabbing someone in self-defense

The most straightforward interpretation of the dream of stabbing someone in self-defense is that you are experiencing fear, frustration, or even insecurity in your professional life.

It could be a failing business and a deep desire to salvage it.

Another interpretation is, you are struggling with issues of contentment and even unfaithfulness in life.

This can be in your relationships or life in general.

The dream of stabbing someone in self-defense also indicates choices or activities in our lives that continue to drain our time and energy.

The dream, therefore, is our subconscious reminding us to check ourselves.

Are there aspects of your life you have forsaken?

These could be decisions or choices that ought to have been made, but you have been reluctant or simply avoiding making them.

Your subconscious is communicating to you a message of taking care of all that is treasured to you.

Dream of seeing someone being stabbed

The dream of seeing someone being stabbed represents our subconscious desire to escape from some of the responsibilities in our waking life.

A deep life self-examination is bound to bring forth that which we are trying to avoid,

The person being stabbed in your dream can be a representation of missed opportunities.

Therefore, the dream becomes a reminder of all the wasted opportunities in the dreamer’s life.

There is also a great chance you are feeling wronged. This could be coming from someone close to you, such as a colleague at work.

The dream is, therefore, a reflection of the emotion in waking life.

You are taking a trip down memory lane. Revisiting past issues or situations that had a profound impact on your life and have since been resolved.

The stabbing act in the dream directly reflects the hardship the dreamer is going through in waking life.

This could be difficulties in your professional life or relationships.


Getting stabbed in a dream has more to do with the emotions in our close relationships.

High at the top are feelings of betrayal, frustration, and anxiety caused by people, especially those sitting at our tables.

The dream, therefore, roots from our sentient nature.

Please feel free to write to us for more questions or comments as we delight in our interaction with you.

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