About Us

Enlightened meaning team

Enlightened Meaning is an in-depth dream directory where you will find thousands of dream interpretations updated regularly based on most dream meaning searches.

For eons, we have been fascinated and marveled at the concept of dreams, the profound meanings behind the details, and the influence they have on our natural experiences.

To quench the thirst for greater awareness of the dream realm’s wonder, we established ‘Enlightened Meaning’ like a free dream dictionary which we can tap from for personal growth and enlightenment.

To complement Marsha Norman’s description of dreams as illustrations from the book Your Soul Is Writing About You, the Enlightened Meaning team takes you through a journey of inner wisdom and self-understanding to help you refine your waking life.

Who we are?

The Enlightened Meaning team consists of several dream analyzer experts who, due to their vast knowledge and exposure to the world of dreams and the workings of the human brain, can analyze and interpret your dream.

The co-founder of Enlightened Meaning is an acclaimed spiritual expert and author who doubles as a dream expert and a loving mother of one.

She offers a hands-on approach that lets her readers delve into the subconscious as she enlightens us on the connection between our dreams and the spirit world.

The other co-founder is a psychologist degree, an illustrious dream expert, and a best-selling author. Additionally, he is a proud father of two and a passionate hiker.

What we do?

We are a team of small writers for some well-known publication companies.

The knowledge acquired in our fields of work has enabled us to pen down issues revolving around mental health, psychology, and even a mindful approach to life.

As a result of the vast knowledge acquired through the experience in our professional and personal lives, we can confidently claim to offer a comprehensive and well-thought understanding of your dream.

We boast of the ability to point out situations, events, and even state of mind factors that trigger or contribute even in the slightest bit the occurrence or of specific dreams.

We offer guidance in managing issues within our everyday life to ease and prevent the occurrence of similar dreams.

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Mary Quinn – Editor-in-chief

Mary Quinn, co-proprietor of Enlightened Meaning, is an ardent interpreter of dreams and a prolific author of numerous articles and books on dreams and spirituality.

With her extensive expertise spanning many years, she has established herself as a seasoned astrologer, tarot card reader, and energy healer.

Drawing from her profound grasp of the psyche and her intrinsic allure towards the enigma of dreams, Mary endeavors to guide you through the labyrinth of your subconscious. Her multifaceted skills make her a beacon in the realm of spiritual exploration.

Ralph King – Head writer

Ralph King stands as a luminary in the realm of dream interpretation, with an unwavering dedication to illuminating the enigmas of your nocturnal visions.

As the author of a plethora of articles and books centered on dreams, he holds special expertise in dream interpretation. Beyond his prowess in dream analysis, Ralph is recognized as a distinguished spiritualist and energy healer, with his teachings and guidance sought after by many.

His multifaceted background also includes being a certified meditation instructor and a practitioner of holistic therapies.

With his profound understanding of the human psyche, bolstered by years of hands-on experience, Ralph is committed to offering you transformative insights into the concealed messages of your dreams.