Dreams About Elevators: 15 Interpretations And Meaning

There is a strong correlation between how elevators work in real life and what they represent in your dream. It is estimated that dreams about elevators are among the top one hundred common dream events. So the big question is, what do dreams about elevators mean?

A situation where you are rising with an elevator from the ground represents making progress in your life, i.e., physical growth, mental, emotional, or even spiritual growth. Riding a descending elevator in your dream symbolizes a state of powerlessness and feelings of being trapped in an area of your life.

It is wise to appreciate that generally, dreams about elevators are neither acutely positive nor negative. Real-world situations play a more significant role in what this dream represents. The following sections will explore different scenarios likely to feature in these dreams and their diverse interpretations.

Key takeaways

  • Dreams about elevators can be seen as metaphors for the choices and decisions we make in our waking lives and can offer insight into our feelings about the direction we are heading in.
  • An ascending elevator may represent the dreamer’s movement toward a higher level of understanding or consciousness.
  • A descending elevator may symbolize a regression in the dreamer’s emotional or mental state.
  • The speed at which the elevator is moving in a dream can provide insight into the dreamer’s feelings about their progress and growth in their waking life.

What do dreams about elevators mean?

The Meaning Of Dreams About Elevators

The meaning of dreams about elevators is a symbol of growth or movement in the spiritual, emotional, or mental states. 

Elevators are often used as a metaphor for growth, as they allow us to move from one level or state to another. But on the other hand, they can also represent a setback or descent in any aspect of life.

Like all other dreams, these dreams are also influenced mainly by our actual life circumstances. i.e., your thoughts, emotions, and life standing.

We can easily decipher the dream meaning depending on the elevator’s direction of movement, speed, and other settings. 

The most important thing to remember is if the elevator in the dream is going up or down. The direction may represent the ascent or descent of the dreamer’s consciousness or awareness. 

If the elevator is going up, it may symbolize the dreamer’s movement toward a higher level of understanding or consciousness. 

If the elevator is going down, it may represent a descent or regression in the dreamer’s emotional or mental state.

1. Progress in Life

An ascending elevator in a dream that is moving at a normal speed may symbolize steady progress or growth in the dreamer’s life. 

This could represent movement towards a higher level of understanding, consciousness, or achievement in their personal, professional, or spiritual endeavors.

It might be professional growth where you either secure a position you have been longing for or a significant salary bump in your current position.

2. Something is Stuck

On the other hand, if the elevator is moving at a slow or sluggish pace, it may suggest that the dreamer is feeling stuck or held back in some way. 

They may be experiencing a lack of progress or growth in their waking life, or they may be feeling uncertain about the direction they are heading in.

3. Impatience

In a situation where the elevator is ascending but at an extraordinary speed, we assume that your dream represents your impatience or greed and the need for attaining success fast without putting in the effort.

A fast-moving elevator in a dream also signals ignored red flags, overlooked warning signs, and instability.

It could mean that you have assumed much more than you can handle in a short time.

4. Downfall

A dream about elevators going down represents situations, people, or choices in our lives that are bringing us down.

Mental issues like depression can also be represented in a descending elevator featured in a dream.

In addition, a dream about elevators going down represents setbacks or misfortunes in our lives and suppressed feelings of powerlessness.

Another interpretation of a dropping elevator in your dream is that you are on a courageous journey into the unconscious.

Most of us may hesitate diving deep into the unconscious for fear of the unknown. 

Overall, the speed at which the elevator is moving in a dream can provide insight into the dreamer’s feelings about their progress and growth in their waking life.

Dream of an elevator going down fast

In waking life, a fast-dropping elevator is a frightening experience.

It is not shocking at all that we may end up associating bad experiences with such a dream.

However, a dream of an elevator going down fast is in some ways interpreted to be positive.

For instance, a dream of an elevator going down fast signals a high chance of meeting an influential person in the future.

This powerful figure is likely to influence your life positively.

To fully benefit from this relationship, you must cherish and take advantage of the person’s availability.

The dream of a descending elevator also cautions you against being taken advantage of or manipulated by the influential figure and people around you.

On a negative note, the dream highlights the revelation of dark characteristics in your personality.

You could be the one realizing that you have such traits, and the people around are finally seeing them for the first time.

Falling elevator dream

If you get a falling elevator dream, high chances are, that certain aspects of your life are out of control.

You are therefore cautioned to examine your life more closely.

A falling elevator dream also represents our fear of falling or failing after reaching a certain level in our lives.

It is also known to project imminent unfortunate events likely to flood your life.

These situations may be in your professional life, such as your job, career, or personal relationships.

One good example is a failing relationship.

It is, therefore, wise to conduct an exercise in self-reflection in all areas of your life.

This is because should these unfortunate events occur, they are likely to impact your life profoundly.

The falling elevator dream also represents one’s dependency on other people to solve their problems.

If you have this dream, you might want to check if you are heavily reliant on others.

Elevator going up dream meaning

As previously stated, an elevator going up dream meaning can either be a positive or a negative sign.

If the elevator in your dream is moving extremely fast, there is a high chance you will gain progress or rise in your social status.

On a negative note, the dream can represent your impatience and insatiable hunger for quick success without putting in the work.

Suppose you are a custodian of a big secret entrusted by someone close to you.

The people around you may be trying to figure out the contents of that secret, and if you are not careful, they will most likely figure it out.

If the elevator in your dream is going super-fast, then the dream can also be interpreted to mean that you have assumed more responsibilities than you can comfortably handle.

Stuck in an elevator dream meaning

Stuck in an elevator dream

Even in waking life, getting stuck in an elevator is a nightmare come true unless it’s a controlled situation.

The stuck in an elevator dream meaning coincides with the feelings and emotions provoked by real-life situations.

In that case, a stuck-in elevator dream means that you are at a point in your life when you feel stuck.

A situation that renders you unproductive. For instance, you may have a good job but one that limits your career growth.

To a great extent, the stuck-in elevator dream alludes to deceit in your real life.

Therefore, it is not the best time to engage in impulse buying or big investments lest you get scammed.

People like Sigmund Freud have explained the dream to mean that the dreamer is in a state of discontent in their love life.

The dream represents your desire to explore your strengths but acknowledges the responsibilities that limit you on your shoulders.

Broken Elevator dream

Generally, dreams about elevators represent the ups and downs in the dreamer’s life.

A broken-down elevator can either lock you in or prevent you from reaching your destination.

Whether in a dream or real life, a broken elevator stands to be a hindrance to progress.

The occurrence of a broken elevator dream can be traced back to real-life situations and emotions present in the dreamers waking life.

A broken elevator dream reflects the reduced or non-existent emotional control in the dreamers waking life.

This means that your response to certain situations may be disruptive, inappropriate, or include frequent emotional outbursts even in relatively trivial situations.

Therefore, the dream touches on one’s inability to find an effective way of monitoring and influencing their feelings and emotions.

The dream means you are feeling anchored in certain aspects of life.

Maybe you have a great job, but you have been in the same position for ages or a relationship that seemingly is not moving forward.

It might be the right time to consider a new approach that guarantees growth in these aspects of your life.

The broken elevator dream also reflects the dreamer’s exhaustion from a life of constant routines.

It is easy to get bored of a habitual way of living. Consider taking up activities that rekindle the fire and life energy in you.

Claim your sick days or leave days and do some fun traveling or, at the very least, take up that hobby that you have pushed back, waiting for the right conditions to take it up.

Dreams about hotels and elevators

In a broader sense, the appearance of a hotel in your dream symbolizes temporary situations in the dreamer’s life.

In most cases, a dream about hotels will reflect on the dreamer’s temporary circumstances, such as emotions and even attitudes in different spheres of life.

A dream about hotels can also be interpreted to mean feelings of insecurity in the dreamer’s waking life.

Therefore, the dream is a call to order a deeper life audit to help alleviate these feelings.

An in-depth analysis of the dream shows a strong correlation between real-life situations and the frequency of this dream recurring.

Acknowledging the temporary element of dreams about hotels, it makes sense that dreams about hotels and elevators would signify criticism and discipline in waking life.

Hotel elevator dreams mainly have been interpreted to signify the concessions we make in our everyday lives.

Hotel elevators are also taken to be the gates of time.

Their primary function is to transport us from one place to another making them also transition paths.

A dream about hotels and elevators can also reflect the anxiety and fear that comes with feelings of being abandoned by those you hold dear.

It can also hint at the little control we have over certain aspects of our lives, such as working towards longevity in our relationships.

Dreams about elevators and heights

As stated throughout this article, elevator dreams are considerably associated with growth and development depending on the elevator’s direction.

Spiritual and emotional growth are examples of areas in the dream about elevators highlights growth.

Ordinarily, we might assume that only positive signs are derived from dreams about elevators.

However, depending on the direction of movement of the elevator in your dream, there are also negative signs to be read from them.

For instance, a dropping elevator may symbolize losing control in one’s life or even the occurrence of unfortunate situations in the dreamer’s waking life.

Dreams about height are just as familiar as elevator dreams, if not more.

Some people experience genuine height phobias that may render them inactive in activities that involve height.

Dreams about height blend both positive and negative interpretations depending on the context and waking life circumstances.

For instance, a dream about height generally translates to the challenges and obstacles one must overcome to achieve their personal legend.

In another setting, the same dream can be interpreted to reflect on the intriguing adventures the dreamer is meant to undertake in the future.

To some, the dream may represent imminent threats or danger in their waking life.

Elevator dream biblical meaning

If you are in search of an evangelic interpretation of an elevator dream, then you are at the right place.

Biblically, an elevator dream is interpreted to embody transformation in the dreamer’s life.

It could be spiritual, or physical change such as healing or even professional transformation.

An upward-going elevator dream biblically represents access into the spiritual realm.

On the other hand, a downward-moving elevator implies the dreamer will be humbled at some point in their life.

A broken elevator signifies the dreamer’s desire and needs to place their faith and trust in God.

Spiritual meaning of elevator dreams

The spiritual meaning of elevator dreams is that they signal blessings or rewards coming your way in waking life.

It is a prompt to believe in the universe for new perks or rewards.

You are in the process of transformation in your waking life.

The dream represents a new chapter(s) in the dreamer’s actual life, especially with open elevator doors.

The dream can also work as a cautionary point that you spend your time in irrelevant things and situations.

You should re-examine your life and get back on the path of things that are worth your time and energy.

The presence of an elevator, although unable to access it, should not discourage you.

Instead, know that it is a symbol that a particular path is not destined for you.

There are other better routes for you to take that will be more beneficial to you in the long run.

Frequently asked questions

What does it mean to dream about stairs and elevators?

To dream about stairs and elevators means a powerful metaphor for the movement and growth that occurs in the spiritual, emotional, and mental states. 

Stairs in dreams may represent the journey or process of reaching a higher level or state of understanding, while elevators may symbolize a more direct or rapid movement toward this goal.

The specific meaning of a dream about stairs or an elevator will depend on the context and details of the dream, as well as the individual dreamer’s personal associations and experiences with these symbols.

What does the dream of being in an elevator with someone mean?

Dreaming about being in an elevator with someone else can often be interpreted as a symbol of the dreamer’s need for support or assistance in their waking life. 

When other people join the dreamer in an elevator, it may suggest that they are feeling overwhelmed or uncertain about a situation, and are seeking the help or guidance of others to navigate it.

Alternatively, the presence of other people in the elevator may symbolize the dreamer’s feelings of being connected or influenced by the people around them.


Whether ascending, descending, stuck, or crushing in an elevator, it is wise to remember that dreams are not solely cautionary tales of what is bound to happen.

Sometimes, they work to reveal our current state of mind.

If we are moving in the right direction in our waking lives, we can always look at our dreams to confirm that we are on the right path.

Check out more dream interpretations from us in our free dream directory, and have no qualms in reaching out to us for more insight, comments, or questions. 

It is always good to hear from you.

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