Dreams about Airplanes: Symbolism and Meaning

The internet is stuffed with thousands of stories about plane flight experiences, some beautiful while others are utterly terrifying. But what if the experiences are encountered in a dream? And more importantly, what is the meaning of dreams about airplanes?

An airplane in a dream symbolizes our long and arduous life journey, spiritual path, experiences, and progress in life. The dream holds profound psychological elements and highlights our need for freedom, creative skills, and mental growth. Dreams about airplanes can be adventurous, magical, melancholic, or even eccentric.

It all comes down to what was happening in the dream, our emotions in the dream, parties involved, among other factors. In the following sections, we will guide you in making an accurate interpretation of your dream by establishing specific and general symbols and their associations.

Dreams about airplanes

Dreams about airplanes can be marked by ordinary to bizarre scenes and unconventional experiences.

Generally, airplane dreams bear a strong and compelling message of progress.

Whether forward momentum or reversed course, the dream touches on the progress or lack thereof in our waking life.

Below is an explanation of more readings we can make regarding dreams about airplanes depending on how the dream unfolds.

1. Forward progress in life

Are we facing obstacles in waking life?

If so, having a dream about airplanes is a sign that we will soon record progress in achieving our life’s goals.

The dream in this situation symbolizes overcoming challenges and obstacles in life.

It shows progress in the sense that we might soon have a new social status and rise in rank.

The dream also reminds us that the setbacks experienced are instrumental to our success.

2. A sign of success

Airplanes are considered the ultimate representation of freedom and liberation. Similarly, the same planes represent success in dreams.

An airplane dream implies we shall soon embrace great success in the form of an elevation in life.

This can be a major promotion at work, a new job, or even a big change resulting in great accomplishments.

3. A prompt to trust in thyself

Sometimes, dreams are constructed from our unconscious and latent needs and wishes.

For instance, a dream about airplanes can be viewed as a message from the unconscious pushing us to trust ourselves more.

It is a reminder that we can have big goals and achieve them.

This means we need to detach from negative thoughts that hold us back and external factors that demotivate us.

4. We are dealing with challenges in waking life

Meaning of Dreams about airplanes

Such an interpretation is often the case when the dream unfolds negatively.

This is to mean an airplane dream with terrifying scenes.

A dream about airplanes can signify that we are dealing with big challenges in life.

Perhaps we have thoughts, feelings, or people holding us back.

The dream implies something is hindering our progress in life.

With this in mind, it can also be a suggestion to determine the problem and deal with it.

5. Distanced relationships and nostalgic feelings

Longing for a distanced someone, be it a romantic partner, a family member, or anyone close, will trigger such a dream.

Some dream directories have connected airplane dreams to our nostalgic feelings. This means that such dreams could result from how we feel about someone out of reach.

6. Uncertain feelings and skepticism

A dream about airplanes can also be a sign of losing control. Perhaps there is a great deal of external influence in your waking life.

This interpretation is especially relevant when and where we entertain feelings of doubt regarding the pilot and their piloting capabilities in the dream.

Airplane dream meaning

It is believed that dreams bear a functional value and meaning that can simplify our waking life.

As established above, dreams about airplanes have several meanings. But what does an airplane mean in a dream?

1. We have unrealistic goals

For an ambitious person, an airplane dream speaks to how attainable our goals are.

The airplane symbolizes our goals and aspirations. Further, the plane represents symbolizes our unrealizable goals.

However, we should note that the dream does not discourage having big goals. Instead, it is a reminder to check how realizable our goals are.

The dream serves as constructive criticism from the subconscious, driving us to develop feasible goals and ambitions.

2. Pangs of jealousy

An airplane in a dream can, at times, represent fits of jealousy. This may be a result of comparing oneself to others.

This is especially the case in a setting where we can see our peers or colleagues achieve the goals we share before us.

3. Dismal failure

Suppose you see a stationary plane or, worse, a crashing plane in a dream; the plane, in this case, represents failure.

In such a case, the dream denotes an inability to achieve our goals. Consider this dream a premonition of failure in the present or future endeavors.

4. Profound and hopeless pessimism

To quote Sigmund Freud, “The interpretation of dreams is the royal road to a knowledge of the unconscious activities of the mind.”

With that in mind, an airplane in a dream can represent rooted pessimistic tendencies.

Consider the dream a message from the subconscious reminding us to change our negative mindset as this will propel us ahead.

Dream interpretation airplane

As mentioned above, airplanes in dreams can represent freedom in waking life.

Therefore, dreams about airplanes can represent the discretion we have to undertake new responsibilities or tasks whenever we need to.

If the dream unfolds in a negative light, then it represents fear or future misfortune.

Importantly, however, an airplane dream can be viewed as a sign of elevation in self-awareness. This might be a result of taking an interest in higher learning.

Dreams about airplanes and airports

Independently, airports in dreams symbolize the critical junctures on the path we take up in our life’s journey.

In other words, they represent the big decisions we make that alter the course of our life.

It might be the decision to set up a new business or a new career path. Simply put, the airports in this dream represent the turning point in our lives.

Dreaming about airplanes in an airport touches on making major decisions. Think about it; airports exist at different times.

They can represent the past you wish to leave behind or mark the beginning of a new journey.

Spiritual meaning of airplane dream

Spiritually, dreams about airplanes have more to do with the course our lives take. This means this dream can represent every life-changing decision we make.

Such dreams relate to our spiritual journey, development in our career path, and acquiring new knowledge that affects the path we take in life.

Biblical meaning of airplanes in dreams

Biblically, airplane dreams represent a strong desire for mental and physical freedom. This is especially the case when we feel bound by situations or someone in life.

It can be overdependency in a marriage, extreme pressure at work, or a controlling family.

The dream highlights a desire to detach from such cycles and lead an independent and free life.

In addition, a dream about airplanes also touches on the change we face in life.

The dream’s purpose is to inspire us to embrace the positive changes as they curve a new path in our lives.

Dream airplane flying low

A dream of an airplane flying low can bear several interpretations.

For one, it is a dream that tells of the extreme challenges we face. It is particularly incessant on the problems that seem to have no solutions, i.e., issues that overwhelm and beat us down,

However, in the face of such issues, the dream reminds us that the situation will likely change soon.

Another meaning of a low flying plane in a dream is a desire to break away from our realities. This might mean a need to take a rest to recharge.

Dream plane driving on the road

To dream of a plane driving on the road highlights a great sense of urgency. This means there is a situation in waking life that requires our undivided attention.

Further, such a dream can also mean we are in the blink of achieving our goals and objectives in life. It shows positive momentum and hope.

As a result, we might be experiencing profound moments of peace of mind as we near the rewards ahead.

What do airplanes represent in dreams?

So far, the key representations of an airplane in a dream are our general life’s path, i.e., the achievements in personal, professional, and social lives and the freedom we so desire to enjoy.

However, airplanes in dreams can also represent the people in our lives and the experiences we face in our everyday life.

For the most part, dreams about airplanes bear a positive meaning for us.

They represent the progress marked in our lives, the failures we overcome, and the ability to soar even higher.

Seeing aeroplanes flying in a dream

Seeing aeroplanes flying in a dream

Seeing an aeroplane flying in a dream indicates an inability to achieve our life goals.

This may be a result of having high and unattainable goals.

In this case, having this dream is considered a message from our unconscious to audit our goals for feasibility.

Nevertheless, we should know that the dream doesn’t necessarily require us to lower our desires and goals but rather to ensure they are rational.

Considering the symbolization of freedom that airplanes bear, seeing a plane fly in a dream is a sign of liberation.

Perhaps we have been dealing with a serious situation. The dream, therefore, implies a break from such struggles.

Flight dream meaning

To accurately read a flight dream, pay attention to every detail.

Who else was on the plane? Do you have a personal relationship with other parties in the dream? What was the dominant feeling?

A flight dream points to our current mental and emotional state in waking hours.

The emotions experienced in this dream are essential in interpreting this dream.

For instance, how we feel about a situation in the dream tells more about our personality in the real world.

An empathetic you in the dream will translate to an empathetic you in waking life and vice versa.

Private Jet dream meaning

The instinctual interpretation of this dream is wealth regardless of how good or not you are at reading dreams, and you couldn’t be more right.

Yes, a private jet dream signifies great success and wealth if your definition of success equals wealth accumulation.

However, as positive as that interpretation is, it can also mean you are materialistic, and it is finally showing.

A private jet dream signals positive progress in your life, i.e., achieving your goals and defining your destiny. However, as a flaw, this can mean you love to flaunt your gains.

Dreams about planes falling

Dreams can shift in a blink of an eye. The beautiful scenery from the clouds can quickly turn into chaotic and terrifying imagery of a falling plane.

So what does a plane crash dream mean?

Remember, an airplane in a dream symbolizes our life’s journey and mission while condensing other concepts in the dream.

An extensive review of the falling plane dream will help us understand this dream, and where possible, it might help change the course of our waking life.

1. We are losing control

Dreams about a plane crashing will sometimes reveal our current mental and emotional state.

An airplane crashing dream signifies that nothing is going according to plan, or perhaps we are facing obstacles beyond our control. It all comes down to how we deal with losing control.

So ask yourself this question; how are you dealing with the uncertainties in life? The fear of losing control can ravage the quality of life we lead if not well handled.

2. Need for strength and perseverance

It can be discouraging when faced with roadblocks at every turn in the journey towards achieving your life’s mission.

If you experience a dream of planes falling in such a time, consider this a message of hope.

Such a dream does not necessarily mean you will fail. Instead, the dream encourages you to toughen up and commit to your cause.

3. Challenges on the path to greatness

Dreams about planes falling represent the roadblocks on our path to success.

While setting goals is essential in marking personal development, setting unrealistic goals or resolutions only works to discourage our spirit.

Such dreams may be exciting to us, but the inability to achieve them will eventually kill our morale. After all, success does breed confidence.

4. Failure cultivates despair

Granted that an airplane in a dream depicts your life’s journey, a falling plane tells a tale of failure and despair resulting from bad decisions.

Although failure can inspire success in the future, it can also ravage our spirit and will to perform. Naturally, failure can result in negative thoughts, making it impossible to face challenges.

In this case, the dream represents the demoralizing, helpless, and hopeless thoughts and feelings experienced after failure.

Dream of an airplane landing

Given that an airplane in a dream symbolizes our life’s journey, it makes sense that a landing of the same plane would mean an achievement of some sort.

This is to say; it can mean an ending or completion of a journey.

However, it is highly unlikely that the dream of an airplane landing will always unfold in the same way.

With that in mind, it is safe to say that different elements in the dream give rise to different meanings, as we shall discover below.

1. Anxiety and control issues

The dream of an airplane landing signals the onset of profound worry. This is especially the case when one is dealing with deep control issues.

Perhaps you worry that someone is influencing your life by exerting their power over you. In most instances, losing that sense of control will trigger such a dream. It could even be that a situation in waking life is beyond your control.

In this case, the dream highlights a desire for independence and the need to forge your path independently.

2. A sign of new opportunities

A landing plane in a dream intimates a world of new opportunities.

The dream represents a new chapter in our lives. A phase of growth and immense achievements provided we maintain a positive and open mind.

It is a dream that encourages us to refocus our energy and resources on our goals and mission in life. To have this dream means new windows of opportunity are opening.

The dream is likely to occur after a long period of stagnation. It comes as a sign of hope for the future.

3. We are achieving and completing a journey

Seeing as how a plane represents our life’s journey, a landing of the same will suggest attaining some if not all of our goals.

The dream is a sign of a successful project or task. It is a sign that after all our hard work, we are ready to enjoy the benefits of our efforts.

In addition, where the journey is not fully completed, the dream reminds us that we stand to succeed in the long run. In this case, it functions as an encouragement not to give up.

4. A step into maturity

Like the completion interpretation, a landing plane also signifies a phase of blossoming. This is when we can truly see and appreciate our efforts as they start to bear fruit.

On a rather personal front, the dream of an airplane landing can hint at our experiences on the path to maturity.

It works to show growth from childhood to the present time. It shows how capable we are of making big and complex decisions and being able to follow through to achieve our objectives.

5. We are adopting a new approach to life

Our lives can sometimes be complicated, promoting negative biases in some situations. Unlearning these old biases can be a challenging task.

Learning to see the good aboard, the bad, and the ugly can help us lead a peace-filled life.

Seeing a plane landing in a dream is a sign that we are on the path to adopting new positive and constructive approaches to life.

Such a dream signifies the ability to maintain an open mind when dealing with new situations to help find and create solutions to problems.

7. Sudden and overwhelming vulnerability

A landing plane in a dream symbolizes a state of great exposure to harm or failure. The dream intimates a need to be extremely careful when making critical decisions.

Perhaps past decisions have left you vulnerable to an attack by an enemy, or maybe past failure has left you drowning in a sea of negative thoughts.

The dream serves to highlight areas in our lives that need attention while encouraging us to be mindful of the decisions and projects we undertake.

8. A call to adopt new strategies for dealing with challenges

The dream of an airplane landing suggests a need to find a new and efficient way of dealing with waking life challenges.

More specifically. It highlights a situation in our lives proving impossible to deal with. It might be a problem that keeps recurring.

The dream works to remind us that we need to abandon ineffective strategies and develop or adopt new methods.

It encourages the shift to help prevent acute anxiety that may result from dealing with such issues.

Flying a plane in a dream

Flying a plane in a dream indicates achievements and leadership qualities in our personal and professional lives.

If we successfully fly the plane in the dream, the dream bears a positive sign. It means we have strong and effective leadership skills, and we will soon achieve our objectives.

On the other hand, rough and unsteady flights will automatically mean we are not fit to achieve our goals.

Recurring dream plane landing on the highway

A recurring dream of an airplane landing on the highway emphasizes a great sense of self-awareness. It shows we know what we want and are prepared to do what it takes.

Should the dreamer also be the pilot landing the plane, then the size of the plane plays a significant role.

The ability and skill to navigate and successfully land the plane signify the capacity to face and overcome the biggest obstacles in your life.

On the other hand, if you see a plane taking off from a highway, the dream indicates a need to disconnect from the past or embrace a new path in your life.

Dreaming of a plane that can’t take off

Dreaming of a plane that cannot take off stems from a need to protect ourselves emotionally and physically.

Perhaps you fear confrontation or are afraid to deal with a problem, scared of what the outcome may be.

The dream also shows we are searching for leisurely pursuits or having issues with authority. In such a case, the dream may signify a need for guidance.

Dreams about airplanes taking off

Having dreams about airplanes taking off implies we will face obstacles in our endeavors.

More specifically, the dream highlights the possibility of financial constraints in the future that will suppress our progress.

However, having this dream does not mean we should abandon our goals. Instead, it urges us to push further as the challenges will only last for a limited time.

If you had a dream about missing a flight, check this article.

Dreams about airplanes exploding

To dream about an airplane exploding can mean one of two things.

For one, the dream means a shift from our original plans. The explosion symbolizes something that will happen in your waking life with the capacity to alter the course of your life.

There is no telling whether the shift will result in positive outcomes. However, it is safe to hope for the best and prepare for the worst.

This means you should consider a contingency plan in case the outcome is negative. Consider all areas in your plans susceptible to failure and work out an improvement.

Secondly, the dream about an airplane exploding can represent a series of disappointments in the future.

As much as your plans are good, solid, and achievable, consider that some aspects may be beyond your control. A negative outcome may be discouraging, but don’t let it hold you back.

Recurring dreams about airplanes

Recurring dreams about airplanes emphasize mega changes coming into our lives.

It could be a new job, a relocation, a new relationship, or even starting a family. In short, the dream highlights the possibilities presented to us. It shows we are ready to take on new chapters of our lives.

In this sense, a recurring dream about airplanes can be a message from our subconscious that we can and should embrace the transitions in our lives.


Have you or anyone you know encountered dreams about airplanes? If yes, you need not worry as the dream’s meaning is not worrying or threatening.

Dreaming about airplanes allows us to review the course we have taken in our lives.

The dream informs us of the big and unattainable goals or resolutions in life while motivating us to push on.

The dream can be used to evaluate how efficient our strategies are and help us mark progress in our life’s journey.

If you have a question or wish to leave a comment, please feel free to write to us.

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