Dreaming Of Dead Father Meaning: Leadership And Guidance

If we are honest, relationships with our fathers can be anything from benevolent and affectionate to toxic. A father can be genial, loving, and the biggest and most devoted supporter to their child. But father can also be the biggest antagonist in their child’s life. Regardless of the relationship between our dads and us, if he dies, his passing is bound to trigger agonizing pain that may cause us to dream about them. So what does dreaming of dead father mean?

Principally, the father is an embodiment of authority in our lives. Father offers leadership and guidance to us; hence our dreaming of them implies we need their counsel. Dreaming of dead father meaning points to our moral sense, i.e., our ability to determine right from wrong.

However, the interpretation above is pretty standard. For an intimate understanding of the dream, we shall take a more profound and comprehensive look at the father and situations in both the dream and circumstances in our waking life. We hope this content will be insightful and helpful.

Dreaming of dead father meaning

As stated above, the role a father plays when they are alive is important and is part of the key to deciphering what dreaming of a dead father means.

We are expending energy on unresolved issues

Dreaming of dead father flags our sense of unfinished business with our dearly departed fathers.

Chances are, we left a lot unsaid or unaccomplished.

Our desire to remedy such a situation might be the root cause of this dream.

Dead father coming back – Is it a reflection of our moral conscience?

At the very least, dream analysts believe that the appearance of your dead father in a dream is a reflection of our moral conscience.

A father will guide us towards making big shifts in our lives.

It, therefore, stands to reason that dreaming of a dead father would be a cogitation of our ability to judge what is wrong and what is right in life.

Dead father dream – You are low on advice and support

Dreaming of dead father meaning

When dealing with challenging situations in real life, dreaming of a dead father’s meaning can be complicated.

It could mean you are being desperate for advice and guidance from your father or somebody else. 

Perhaps you are occasionally overwhelmed by the pressure to make big decisions.

You might be uncertain of the impacts such choices will have on your life. 

Consciously or subconsciously, you know that your dead dad would know how to help, or at the very least, he would know what buttons to press to push you towards excellence.

Therefore, this dead dream screams our innermost desire to get guidance from someone with a good sense of direction.

On another front, this dreaming is a sign that we are off track in an aspect of our lives.

It benefits us and those around us if we consider a deep self-reflection to determine what needs to be changed before it is too late.

Dream of a dead father talking to me

A dream of a dead father talking to me simply reflects on my loneliness. It could be that the people I thought cared for me have neglected me.

Feeling alone and deserted, especially by people we consider our tribe, could be the reason behind this dream.

Dreaming of a dead father talking to me also highlights my desire or need to have a parental character in my life.

If I have been deprived of both mother and father in my waking life, the dream will likely be recurring.

Dream of a dead father talking to me on the phone

Dream of a dead father talking to me on the phone

Dream of a dead father talking to me prompts me to re-examine my decisions and actions. 

There is a strong chance that my actions are affecting the people in my life.

There is also a possibility that the dream is a call to tap into my inner strength and self-will.

In the face of adversity, this can be a great way of ensuring I overcome the challenges thrown at me.

To an extent, dreaming of a dead father talking to me on the phone could be an element of control, empowerment, or even being angry.

Unfortunately, father dream meaning can represent someone manipulating or exploiting me in the same way.

Dream of a dead father talking to me on the phone reflects a recent discovery about myself.

For instance, revisiting unresolved issues that trigger aggression.

Dreaming of a dead father talking to me exhibits a prospect of something good in the making.

It may be the beginning of a new chapter to bring me maximum joy.

Dream of dead father visiting

When we dream of a dead father visiting, the odds are that we face a challenging situation in our waking life. 

It is also likely that this situation has a strong connection with our fathers.

Perhaps before he died, your father had just equipped you with the skill and the mastery to handle such a situation.

Take this for an example. The dream of dead father visiting can be taken as a technique your subconscious uses to remind you that you need to handle the challenge because you have all it takes.

Dream of dead father not talking to me

The appearance of a father in our dreams represents our status, but more specifically, our financial position.

Therefore, the dream of a dead father not talking to me suggests a delicate and burdensome financial situation.

His dead silence in the dream represents my futile attempts to salvage the situation.

You might want to consider re-evaluating your decisions and approach if you seek to get back on the right financial track.

Dream of the dead father being sick

Should you find yourself having the dream of the dead father being sick, reflect on situations in your waking life.

Delve into every stressful situation in your life. Take a trip to the library and read some books about how to successfully solve problems.

This is because dreaming of a dead father being sick indicates an exhausted mind.

It may be that you are having a stressful week, a demanding job, or taxing responsibilities.

Such circumstances and meaning could trigger the dream of the dead father being sick.

Dream of a dead father giving me money

A dream of a dead father giving me money suggests a state of independence from your parents and the rest of the world.

This dream interpretation works to encourage the dreamer to develop an attitude of independence.

You are likely to promote your financial growth by standing on your own.

Dream of a dead father asking for money

When you dream of a dead father asking for money, the chances are that symbolism points to certain responsibilities in your waking life that are not being fulfilled. 

At the very least, this late father dream means that those depending on you are not satisfied with the existing state of affairs. 

Dream of the dead father being alive

To experience the dream of the dead father being alive suggests dissatisfaction with how things were when he died.

Maybe you feel he died before accomplishing or fulfilling certain promises made to you.

If we feel our dead father did not do a lot for us, we are more likely to dream of the dead father being alive.

Dream of a dead father chasing me

To dream of a dead father chasing me signals a situation of overconfidence in my awakened state. 

The dream can also mean I need to comprehend a situation. Sometimes, a piece of advice on the situation in our life can be difficult to understand.

Dream of a dead father coming home

Generally, our fathers are guiding stars in every sense.

To dream of a dead father coming home suggests that they are still looking out for us even after they die.

The coming home aspect in this dream suggests that situations in our waking life are about to get better. 

At the very least, a father’s visit home when they are alive brings with it a sense of security, comfort, love, and hope.

Similarly, this dead dream signifies that all will be well.

Dream of dead father kissing me

A kiss is considered a natural way of expressing love.

To dream of a dead dad kissing me points to our dads’ love and care for us.

It is a sign that although he passed, a father will always love their child.

However, we must first carefully analyze where the kiss was planted to understand the dead dream.

For instance, a dead father’s kiss on the forehead signifies forgiveness or a pardon of some sort.

A kiss on the eyes represents imminent favor and blessings in your waking life.

A dead father’s kiss on the cheek signals prospective benefits in an aspect of your life.

On a rather negative note, a dead father’s kiss on your lips is a strong warning sign that should not be overlooked.

Dream of a dead father hugging me

Like a kiss, dad hugging is another natural way of expressing the physical love we all need from our parents.

To dream of a dead father hugging me signals an affectionate and a helping hand. 

Therefore, the dream is a sign that your father is still looking out for you even in the afterlife.

Dream of embracing dead father

To dream of embracing a dead father implies we still feel like we need our dead father’s guidance.

As established above, the father figure in this dream symbolizes honor, authority and affection.

The dream of embracing a dead father is also common where the dreamer is terrified of picking up big responsibilities.

Dream of dead father praying

If you dream of a dead father praying, you should probably consider re-examining situations in real life. 

Are you grappling with serious issues in your life that seem beyond your reach?

Under such circumstances, a dream of a dead father praying calls you to be patient and be hopeful.

Dream of dead father sleeping

Ever wondered if it’s possible to heal from grief fully? This could be a million-dollar question to many.

However, what is for sure is we need to learn to accept the reality of death.

A dream of dead father sleeping implies a level of acceptance of the loss of a dad.

It shows that we have acknowledged the loss but choose to have beautiful memories about the departed.

Dream of dead father smiling at me

William Arthur War describes a warm smile as the universal language of kindness.

It is then not a surprise that when I dream of a dead father smiling at me, it usually means that I am making the right decisions.

These are the right decisions because they are beneficial to me and those around me.

Dream of dead father-in-law talking to me

Sometimes, that figure of authority in your dream is not dad or mother but it can be your father-in-law if he has unfortunately departed.

To dream of a dead father-in-law talking to me suggests advice and a dawning of peace and serenity in my real life.

It could be in my relationships that are dying or an untroubled relationship with my family. 


Dreaming of a dead father means so many things to many people depending on circumstances in their waking life.

It could be that we are at a point in life when we need a father’s guidance because of the big role they play in our lives.

Or maybe we are struggling with financial issues. The list is long.

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